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* Correct huge issue for new installs (app may not have worked properly until a child-app was installed and then later edited.  Child-app was not initializing and subscribing to desired events.  Added these calls to installed().
* Add subscription to location mode changes. Call unsubscribe() and then subscribe() when initialized, updated or Configure Defaults page is loaded.
* Resolve null app.label bug in LOGDEBUG(), LOGTRACE(), LOGERROR() that occurs sometimes when called from the child app.
* Maintain "mode" / "lastMode" state in the parent app.
* Attempt to resolve MusicPlayer/Sonos issues  (more coming on this with device fingerprinting to allow for specific device calls)
* Device fingerprinting by discovered supported command/attributes (need fingerprint data for Sonos and others that do not work as expected with the playTrack method (unmute, setVolume/Level, playTrack, setVolume/Level, resume/restoreTrack)
* Adds support for musicPlayer voice "Matthew(en-us)"
* Corrects issue with configuring Presence sensors.
* Corrected volume detection in Hubitat
* Remove unused status page information (code size reduction)
* Add additional weather debug data
* Added setting formatting (primary settings are dark blue, optional/non-primary settings are light blue)
* Prefix logs with "BIGTALKER2-CHILD"
* Correct debug log for selected voice in sendTalk()
* TalkNow additional null checks for speechSynthesis mode
* Send phrase to final speech functions (playTrackAnd...) for EchoSpeaks usage (EchoSpeaks doesn't support sending mp3 URI's)
* Correct Parent/Child Mode/LastMode issue (correct "Home mode has changed from Home to Home")
* Correct Presence event groups
* Code cleanup
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