Code by Scott שאול בן ישוע
Unverified Commit 20c62288 authored by Brian Lowrance's avatar Brian Lowrance Committed by GitHub
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* Corrected major issues with time based events
* Each child event now calls sendTalk() instead of direct calling parent.Talk() for further analysis
* Added error detection to processPhraseTokens() to help detect invalid user input (logged in parent logs, error announced verbally)..  ie: if someone actually uses %weathercurrent(00000)% instead of using a proper zipcode in place of 00000.
* Corrected an issue when calling %description% from Talk Now.
* Corrected an issue with non-zip code locations in weather phrase tokens/variables.
** ie: %weathercurrent(France/Paris)% was saying this phrase instead of translating it. The issue was phrase casing.
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