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fixed wizard login info. Thanks @bridiver

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......@@ -66,20 +66,11 @@ You should see something like this:
You can hit the _"Login"_ link on this page and go through the setup (be careful what you change in the wizard).
`username: <leave this blank as it's ignored (and/or logged)>`
`username: <Enter whatever you like here>`
`password: S + <gateway serial number>`
`password: `
Follow the instructions on the web page to set/change/recover the password. Whatever you set here will be used later.
_(Question for the reader: Does this still work?)_
You can find the serial number of the gateway ( the linux server that switches power) in two places:
1) In the Tesla Mobile app [see screenshot](, just click the "Reveal Serial number link". This is already in the the S + SerialNumber format.
2) on the inside of the metal access door to the gateway. Don't unscrew anything as the box is switching high voltage & current behind the screwed pannels. See image:
![Gateway Location]( "Gateway location")
[ Original image taken from here](
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