Code by Scott שאול בן ישוע
Commit 78358781 authored by Vince Loschiavo's avatar Vince Loschiavo
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/api/system/update/status call update

parent 09cd3137
......@@ -190,6 +190,17 @@ response: {"grid_status":"SystemGridConnected","grid_services_active":false}
_GET /api/system/update/status_
_UPDATE: You need to be authenticated for this command_
From: @kylerove:
"After digging, the answer was right on Tesla's website:
email=your Tesla account email address
password=last 5 digits of your gateway serial number
You can then reset/choose your own customer password, if you want to make it stronger."
request: `curl --cacert cacert.pem https://powerwall/api/system/update/status`
response: `{"state":"/update_failed","info":{"status":["nonactionable"]},"current_time":1422697552910}`
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