Code by Scott שאול בן ישוע
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Updated icon preference text

parent ed2b0a63
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ preferences {
input("deviceName", "enum", title: "Select Device:", description: "", multiple: true, required: false, options: getValidated("deviceList"))
input("myTitle", "text", title: "Notification Title:", description: "")
input("myImage", "text", title: "Icon URI:", description: "(Image to be displayed in notification as well as status bar)")
input("myImage", "text", title: "Status Bar Icon URI:", description: "(Image to be displayed in the status bar)")
input("url", "text", title: "URL:", description: "(URL to be opened when Notification is clicked)")
input("sound", "text", title: "Sound URI:", description: "(URL of notification sound to be played)")
input("image", "text", title: "Image URI:", description: "(URL of image to be displayed in the notification body)")
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