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# castpodder
# Castpodder
A podcast reciever
# Original location
# History
iPodder is the first cross-platform Podcast receiver. You can use it to Subscribe to Podcasts, receive them and listen to them on your computer or portable audio player.
With iPodder you can easily Subscribe to your favorite Podcast feeds, or any Podcast you find on the Internet.
You can have iPodder make periodic checks for new episodes, or even schedule a time for checking yourself.
Bringing you always the freshest Podcasts as they are made available, iPodder makes it easy for you to organize and synchronize content.
Apple **sued** us(iPodder) claiming our project would *_**confuse**_* Apple users that it was a Apple product. I of course [refused]( that claim.
It was decided to rename the project to Juice Receiver aka Juice.
After sometime Juice just wasn't the same after this so I left. CastPodder was derived from the original iPodder code and edited to compile and run under linux by me.
I no longer work on it and archived it for historical purposes.
# Sources
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